Leslie Revsin began her career as "kitchen man" at the Waldorf-Astoria, rose to become its first woman chef and went on to join the ranks of American master chefs. Though no longer working as a professional chef, the kitchen is still her hub and the hub of her house where she now cooks for the friends who come to share her warm hospitality and fabulous home-cooked meals. Leslie loves to cook, but now she wants it "simple and pure, with a sophistication that doesn't bonk you over the head." So, how does a former chef approach the problem of serving divine dinners, while still staying part of the party? She cooks ahead, plans with care and shows you how do the same in her inviting new book, Come for Dinner. Leslie offers a host of marvelous, manageable menus soup suppers, an antipasto extravaganza, meat, chicken and seafood specials, hearty cool weather meals, delectable desserts and more and each one comes with add-on ideas that turn what is already a fine meal into a bigger feast. Over 150 recipes arranged by courses, each one accompanied by the "do-ahead options," back up the menu ideas and make it possible for you to enjoy your guests while they enjoy a memorable meal.

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