<B>Getting granny's goodies</B> Inherit a fortune and you can go anywhere you please. Ally Jarrett enjoys photographing animals in Alaska. When the wildest animal she encounters turns out to be Mitchell Caruthers, the quiet man her late grandmother hired to keep an eye on her, the energy swirls more vividly than the northern night skies in Vicki Lewis Thompson's screwball romance <B>Nerd Gone Wild</B>. Ally is determined to be a woman of the world, but even the unhospitable Alaska weather is conspiring against her. Stir in a nasty uncle after Ally's inheritance, and the dishy ambiance of an historic bordello reborn as Loose Moose Lodge, and you've got all the fixins for fun February fireworks. <I>Sandy Huseby writes from Fargo, North Dakota.</I>

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