Footloose Lucy wants to be tangled in a relationship but can't quite seem to get there in Betsy Burke's sultry and soapy chick lit romp, Lucy's Launderette. The soap comes courtesy of the relationships Lucy Madison already has. She works as assistant manager of a trendy Vancouver art gallery where the manager, Nadine, indulges in bulimic bingeing to keep her body sleek and gets involved with artists like Pete Bleeker, who creates masterpieces after storm-swept beach trysts. Is Lucy selling herself short? Her best friend, Sky, trusts her as a confidante when she falls for the gay owner of a vintage clothing shop. Sam, the caseworker for Dirk, Lucy's older brother, trusts her to participate in his care despite Dirk's penchant for dressing in a Superman costume and tossing threatening rocks through her window. As if those aren't enough concerns for Lucy to get in a lather about, there's grandfather Jeremy's launderette, and, oh yes, her strait-laced daddy's midlife crisis that takes him from high school principal to Harley rider. Burke's story charms with a shower of witty and wry introspection. A tour de-light! Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in northern Minnesota.

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