San Francisco of 1870 is the setting for Jo Goodman’s delicious western, Kissing Comfort. After being rescued from a raided wagon train, Comfort Kennedy was raised by ex-soldiers who ultimately became successful bankers. Along the way, she gained a good education and experience in martial arts. The first comes in handy for her job at her uncles’ business; the second helps when she’s embroiled in danger thanks to the handsome DeLong brothers. When younger brother Bram, also Comfort’s best friend, rashly declares their engagement, she agrees to go along with the pretense. But the announcement brings older brother Bode into her life, and she quickly realizes that it’s not friendship growing between them. When a criminal gang comes after Comfort and Bode, menace and their passion for each other escalate. Engaging and entertaining, this story is steeped in historical detail. Readers will root for the clever hero and heroine who trade both witty repartee and sizzling kisses.

Eve Silver offers a passion-filled paranormal adventure in Body of Sin. Lokan Krayl, son of the most powerful Underworld god, worked as his father’s right-hand man until he was betrayed and murdered. Now bodiless and with his soul trapped in purgatory, Lokan can only despair for his human daughter and her mother, Bryn. Who will look after them? But it’s Bryn who comes for Lokan once his brothers reunite him with his body. He discovers Bryn is not human, but a supernatural guide who can help him return to the Topworld, where his daughter awaits his protection. First, there are trials to overcome and tests to pass. While Lokan and Bryn face them together, they also confront the feelings that have grown between them since the night they conceived their child. Both realize they love each other, but their very survival isn’t guaranteed. Even if they do live to reach the final gate, there is still a heart-wrenching sacrifice to be made. Characters from previous books in Silver’s Otherkin series enter the story to render aid and to round out an exciting, imaginative read.

Tense action and fascinating forensics come together in Laura Griffin’s Snapped, the latest novel in the Tracers series. After nearly being murdered six months before, Sophie Barrett is getting her life back together when she witnesses a university shooting. Homicide detective Jonah Macon comes to her aid, and the handsome cop can’t stand the idea that Sophie was again at risk. After more brushes with death, he vows to keep her close—but his attraction to her runs strong, and it’s hard to stay strictly professional when Sophie is sending out “I think you’re sexy, too” signals. But mutual attraction doesn’t mean complete cooperation, and they bump heads while investigating the mysterious events. The Delphi Center crime lab and the police department are on the case, but will the killer be caught before the lovers find themselves as targets? Electric chemistry between two believable and interesting characters coupled with the investigative details make this page-turner especially compelling.

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