Larissa Ione builds a complex world brimming with legends and supernatural beings in Immortal Rider. The only female among the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Limos has been engaged to Satan since infancy—yet a sexy human, Arik Wagner, snares her attention. He feels the attraction, too, but a single kiss sends him to a hellish torture chamber. Complicating matters, Limos is cursed with her brothers to lead the world into Armageddon. They have dodged calamity until recently, when one of the Horsemen began working on the side of evil. Now Limos must rescue the blameless Arik while also keeping clear of her now-demonic brother. Once free, Arik realizes he wants the beautiful immortal more than ever. Is there a way to release Limos from the ancient betrothal? Can they be together without unleashing more dark forces into a world braced for the end times? A sizzling story filled with adventure, violence and the tug-of-war between good and evil, Immortal Rider sets the stage for further battle in this series.

As hot as its title, Seductive as Flame by Susan Johnson is a smoldering love story set in the England of 1894. During a country party, independent Scottish beauty Zelda MacKenzie meets the seductive Alec Munro, Earl of Dagliesh. Theirs is an instant attraction of two sophisticated, headstrong people, and while Zelda briefly resists, entering into an affair with Alec is impossible to refuse—despite the fact that he’s married. Everyone knows Alec’s marital arrangement is miserable—with his spouse to blame—but Zelda figures her heart is safe against the Earl, who goes through lovers at a world-renowned rate. Yet it seems Alec’s legendary casualness is over once he comes under Zelda’s spell. Soon he finds himself imagining a happier life, with Zelda at his side and his small stepson as part of their family. But will his witch of a wife let him and the boy go? Can Zelda trust in Alec’s promises? Filled with scorching love scenes and a hero and heroine who have sacrificed much for family, Seductive as Flame is an erotic and entertaining read.

Published posthumously, Beverly Barton’s Dead by Nightfall is a chilling romantic thriller that wraps up mysteries exposed in the first two books of her Dead By trilogy. The Powell Private Security and Investigation Agency goes on high alert when Nicole, wife of the agency’s founder, wealthy Griffin Powell, is kidnapped . . . by a man Griffin thought he had killed 20 years before. It appears the sadistic and vengeful Malcolm York has risen from the dead and is back with his sexual and violent games. When she was taken, Nic had been in the process of leaving Griffin due to long-buried secrets. Will he get a chance to win her back? Nic regrets her rash departure and begins to understand his lies of omission as she experiences depravities at the hands of the twisted York and his cronies—depravities similar to those Griffin once suffered. While Nic is determined to stay strong and return to her man, it’s a literal fight for survival. Amid tension and bloodshed, Barton depicts the unwavering beacon of abiding love.

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