It's 1776 and you are there on the ground with the Continental Army, watching His Excellency General George Washington clad in awesome martial dignity as he pulls his raw, undisciplined rabble in arms together. David McCullough brings this iconic year in our history to life in his new bestseller, 1776, and reads it to us himself. McCullough's gift for vibrant storytelling, based on in-depth research, is given full measure here. We meet the men who enlisted Americans from widely different backgrounds and cultures, all familiar with adversity and hard work, who wore tattered clothes and lived in squalid encampments. And we meet Washington's deputies, Henry Knox and Nathaniel Greene, and his adversaries, General William Howe and King George III himself. What Washington did, what the army endured, is the stuff of legend, a legend now made real. This is McCullough at his masterful best.

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