<B>Grinnin' like a gator</B> When Rachel Fortier decides to burn all her bridges or rather, the exercise equipment her ex-fiancŽ gave her and head for the swamps of Cajun Country, heady and sensuous sparks start flying in Sandra Hill's romantic comedy, <B>Tall, Dark, and Cajun</B>. With a zippy mouth as cracklin' as the fireworks she leaves behind, Rachel is more than ready to put Remy LeDeux in his proper place. And that's not in her bed, not in her swamp property, not in . . . oh, never mind. Just enjoy the belly laughs in this raucously grand adventure replete with colorful characters as unique as not-so-ditsy Great-Aunt Lulu and a grinnin' gator named Useless. This is one delicious treat that proves the best guys are bad, so bad they're good. <I>Sandy Huseby writes from Fargo, North Dakota and northern Minnesota.</I>

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