Is there fun after 50? Yes indeed, if you're among the jaunty women who lunch together wearing purple outfits topped off with red hats. The Red Hat Society calls itself a dis-organiziation of women who have done for others for all too many years and now, at a certain age, deserve a break and a little visibility (check out those hats!). The members, numbering more than a million, live in every state and in 30 countries. Luckily, they've decided to share their specialties, their absolute best of best recipes, with us. The Red Hat Society Cookbook, includes 1,000-plus recipes selected by highly accomplished Red Hat cooks who served as tried-and-true testers and tasters. It's like having a big old recipe exchange with hundreds of new friends. Desserts (more than 160 pages of them) come first, then Everything Else from BLT Dip and whiskey-glazed pork chops to carrot marmalade. Hatted or hatless, you're in for a good time.

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