Harry Bosch cares more about the victim, murdered and voiceless, than any other crime fiction cop I can think of and that's just for starters. Harry may joke about the way of the true detective, but he does his damnedest to follow it. In Michael Connelly's 11th Bosch-based, polished procedural, Echo Park, Harry, working in the Open Unsolved Unit, is still haunted by the 1993 murder of Marie Gesto. Suddenly, he's told that a man picked up with a bag of bloody human remains has confessed to the Gesto murder, among others. Joining the interview team, Bosch begins a roller-coaster ride through a maze of police department intrigue, big-time city politics, dirty cops and lying lawyers. On this wild ride, it takes all of Harry's rebel instincts, strong detective skills and terrier tenacity to get at the truth. Connelly is at his best, keeping the pace fast and the tension high, and narrator Len Cariou is his perfect performing partner.

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