Chick-lit favorite Sarah Mlynowski plays with time in Me vs. Me. When her boyfriend proposes on the eve of her departure to New York City, Gabby Wolf finds herself in a classic and familiar dilemma does she take the job of her dreams in the city of her dreams, or stay with the man of her dreams in a town that doesn't offer her much? At a critical moment, she makes a wish to have both and that's exactly what she gets. One morning she awakens in New York City, in her new apartment, with her great job as a producer for a successful news show. The next day, she awakens back in Phoenix with now-fiancŽ Cam, planning her wedding. The next morning, she's back in New York. Now Gabby has even more of a dilemma because both lives have pros and cons. If she gives up Cam, will she miss out on love forever? But if she gives up the job, can she ever really be happy? Me vs. Me is a charming story with lots of insight into the challenges of making a life that means something.

Barbara Samuel's latest book is Madame Mirabou's School of Love.

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