It's only October, but the big fall cookbooks (all great for gifts) are beginning to arrive and more are on their way. Weighing in at four and a half pounds, with 800-plus pages, The Bon AppŽtit Cookbook has more than 1,200 recipes carefully culled from this marvelous magazine, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. It's a pleasure and a culinary comfort to know that Bon AppŽtit's greatest hits have been gathered in one volume now, all those stained, tattered clippings can hit the circular file. As you'd expect, the recipes go from soup to nuts, breakfast to dinner, appetizers to after-dinner drinks. With all these doable, delectable dishes at hand, it's hard to know which ones to highlight, but I don't think I can go wrong with Caramelized Onion and Roasted Shallot Cream Soup, Spicy Lamb and Chorizo Chili, Braised Chicken in Sun-Dried Tomato Cream, Potato Gratin with Boursin, and Maple Crme Caramel. Bon appŽtit!

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