Flawed lives, forever marked by the actions of one man, play out in the twisted, criminal trio of Melanie Sparks, her son, Charlie, and her brother, Jared Barnett. Grace Wenninghoff is the county prosecutor who realizes Jared Barnett is shadowing and taunting her in Alex Kava's tautly spun suspense novel, One False Move. Grace tries to stay ahead of Barnett and get him safely locked up behind bars again, before he can add her or her daughter Emily to his growing list of victims. Andrew Kane is drawn into the danger when his plan for a quiet writing retreat to the Platte River State Park is invaded by the criminal trio in the aftermath of a failed bank robbery. Melanie is torn between fearful loyalty to her brother and horror at the carnage he's drawn her and Charlie into. Kava's eye for the details of criminal investigation and the corrupting darkness of the criminal mind makes for a chilling, compelling read. Sandy Huseby reviews from Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside Minnesota.

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