Onward and upward with the egg that divine, but often maligned wonder food that is so basic and essential. I'd better confess up front that I'm an eggophile; I love them for breakfast, lunch, snack or supper, in flan, frittata or floating island. So, it was a special treat to find that Michel Roux, a renowned chef whose restaurant has kept its three Michelin stars for 21 years, feels the same way. He demonstrates his love and respect for these indispensable ovals in Eggs, with more than 130 recipes and 150 egg-stravagent, full-color, full-page, almost-edible photos. Each of the first six chapters focuses on the different ways to cook eggs boiled, poached, fried, scrambled, baked and in omelets with explicit, illustrated directions for each cooking technique and recipes from classic Eggs Benedict and Oeufs sur le Plat with parsley beurre blanc to distinctive Roux creations like Crunchy Fried Eggs on Dandelion Salad and Pear and Cinnamon Omelet. In the chapters that follow, you'll find crepes, custards and creams; pastry and pasta; sponges, sauces, souffles; mousses, meringues, mayonnaise and more that feature the egg's unique properties. Egg-stra! Egg-stra! Read all about them and enjoy this celebration of one of nature's triumphs.

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