Arguably the best way to research a novel is to get into the head of the protagonist, to see what he sees, to feel what he feels. This can be a bit problematical when the protagonist is a cold-blooded murderer . . . unless, of course, the writer decides to see for himself what it would be like to actually kill someone. Before arriving at this fateful decision, author Michael Schiftmann had received plenty of critical praise, but little attention from the buying public. Nowadays, he rides the crest of a sales wave; his audience eats up his stories of a sociopathic but oddly likable serial murderer. It is difficult to say which Schiftmann likes more, the money and prestige that accompany his success, or the ongoing research that propels his novels, for Michael Schiftmann has discovered that he truly enjoys killing. By Blood Written, the latest in a long line of mysteries from Nashville writer Steven Womack, is a slick and diabolical insider's look into the life of a successful author with a fatal flaw. You may remember Womack for his series featuring easygoing private investigator Harry James Denton. Throw away all notions of comparison this stand-alone thriller is compelling evidence of Womack's growth as a writer and a cracking good read!

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