When Tracy Potter checks a stranger into her isolated bluff-top hotel on the California coast, she recognizes shadows of sadness in his eyes that mirror the ones in her own in Jill Marie Landis' Heartbreak Hotel. The rain-swept hotel beckons Wade MacAllister as a refuge for his tormented spirit. The secrets haunting him keep him on the move, but he recognizes a kindred spirit in Tracy and cannot resist the warmth of home and family that she has imbued in her run-down hotel. Tracy is still trying to adjust to widowhood and to the betrayals that the death of her husband, Glenn, revealed. Dreams of a future together seem too ephemeral to both Tracy and Wade, as unreal as the ghostly whispering of a sea captain with a story he's determined to tell. Landis writes with heartwarming clarity of losses and sorrows, and of the power of the healing light of love to chase away shadows.

Sandy Huseby writes from Fargo, North Dakota.

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