Sujata Massey has entertained fans for several years with her tales of engaging Asian-American antique dealer Rei Shimura. The eighth installment, The Typhoon Lover, is sure to please aficionados of the series and bring new fans on board. Due to some shenanigans a few years back, Rei has been on the Japanese government's no-entry list. This situation has cramped the young businesswoman's style, particularly as she routinely deals in pricey Asian antiques. Rei is approached by a government agency to do a bit of surveillance work in Japan; no pay is involved, but her expenses will be covered and she will once again have free entry to Japan. It is an apple Rei is only too willing to bite. As you might imagine, there are one or two worms to be found in this particular fruit, and Rei will have to do some quick thinking, and even quicker talking, to avoid being killed by unscrupulous antiquities thieves. Meanwhile, back on the home front, Rei's engagement to Scottish lawyer Hugh Glendinning is foundering; Hugh's punk rocker brother has taken up brief residence in the Glendinning-Shimura digs, and tempers are short, to say the least. It helps to have read the previous Rei Shimura books, as there are several references to earlier situations, but that's nothing to be afraid of this is a well-crafted and thoroughly enjoyable series.

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