The vagaries of chance affect people in ways great and small. While reading Anna Karenina, a book club discovers the truth of this lesson when Cynthia, the golden girl of privilege in their group, abruptly announces she is divorcing her husband, Eric. Stunned at the provocative news and frustrated by Cynthia's refusal to discuss it the five other women in the club begin to examine their own relationships more closely. Chance has played dealer in all their lives. What if Donna and Rina had never been college roommates? Or Jen and Elizabeth's mother had treated them differently during their childhood? What if Trish had chosen a less analytical profession? As Cynthia must deal with choices about her marriage, the force of random chance haunts all the women. In their ebullient conversations about literary classics, the personal histories they'd each kept closed away begin to emerge. Gloria Goldreich's Dinner with Anna Karenina is a scintillating and magical visit to great literature wrapped in the everyday realities of women's lives. An extraordinary and impeccable keeper.

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