Nancy Baggett, who gave us The All-American Cookie Book, is back with The All-American Dessert Book, another red, white and blue winner that goes way beyond the confines of the cookie to explore our sweets culture from sea to shining sea. And, she reports, that culture is "vibrant, complex and uniquely American." Baggett crisscrossed the country bringing home regional treasures, testing and tweaking them in her own kitchen she went through 370 pounds of sugar, 130 pounds of butter and more than 1,100 eggs in the process and added a few family favorites and gems of her own. You'll find a magnificent take on Mississippi Mud Cake, Nancy's mother's tangy Pineapple-Lemon Buttermilk Sherbet, a simple, simply pleasing Appalachian Apple Stack Cake and sensational Southern Banana Pudding among this extensive repertoire of easy-to-follow recipes.

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