OK, let's cut to the chase, to the American classic that's as iconic as blue jeans the grilled on a grill, sizzled on a stove, burger. To celebrate that marvelous mainstay in its many manifestations we have Burgers by Rebecca Bent with Tom Steele. It's a neat, small-format, super-for-summer-gift-giving collection of 50 recipes that go from the utterly simple to the superbly sophisticated, with some great ideas for sides, like Avocado Ketchup, Mama's Mac-'n'-Cheese and Maui Onion Salad, that will enhance the main event. If the savory satisfaction and comfort of the straightforward is what you want, try Geoffrey Zakarian's Town Burger on an English muffin, with a heaping helping of thinly sliced, irresistible Buttered Chips. Five-Cheese Burger with Pears and Walnuts takes the cheeseburger to new heights, as does the Stuffed Chevre and Caramelized Onion Burger. Lamb, buffalo and venison find their flavorful way into burgerland, and chicken, turkey, fish and seafood make starring appearances, too. A bevy of better burgers is yours for the making.

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