Bill Wyeth had been at the top of his game, a successful real estate attorney, living in luxury in a Manhattan apartment with his gorgeous wife and baseball-loving eight-year-old boy. Then, in a freaky twist of fate, he lost it all family, status and job. That's where Colin Harrison's new thriller, The Havana Room, read most convincingly by Henry Leyva, begins. Drifting in the city's murky corners, Bill finds himself hanging out in an old-fashioned New York steak house run by an attractive woman who, late one night, introduces him to a man in immediate need of a real estate lawyer. An odd hour, an odd situation, but Bill's not in any condition to turn down a potential job and how could he know that this job would lead him into a maelstrom of mystery, malice, mind-bending connections and, ultimately, to a face-off with death. Smart, dark, confounding and compelling.

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