<b>Let's hear it for the kids</b> If you know any kids, 12 and up, who haven't read <b>Eragon</b>, the first installment of the Inheritance trilogy, they need to get with the Paolini program ASAP. And now that it has been recorded by Gerard Doyle, it's all the more fun. Only 15 when he began writing <b>Eragon</b> (he's all of 19 now), author Christopher Paolini has produced a lyric fantasy epic filled with mythic marvels, set in the wonderfully realized land of Alaga‘sia and starring a first-rate hero, the eponymous Eragon, and his fledgling dragon Saphira. The wonder, awe and revelations will continue when the second volume of this grand adventure is released in late August, with a simultaneous audio version right on its magic heels.

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