If those dog days of August are nipping at your heels and easy listening sounds soothing, I've got a quick fix. Plum Sykes, who gave us Bergdorf Blondes, now returns with another tale of Manhattan's super-rich, super-spoiled and super-superficial. The Debutante Divorcee, read by Sonya Walger, whose light, London-laced voice can turn red, white and blue with admirable ease, is told in the first person by Sylvie Mortimer. A newlywed who actually wants to stay married to her to-swoon-for, successful society husband, Sylvie is unusual among the airhead heiress set who believe that marriage should never last longer than five minutes. While the infidelities play out, and love as long as it's accessorized by jewels, furs and Faberge cufflinks occasionally triumphs, you'll find out what to wear, where to eat, and how to lead a life so shallow that it leaves no impression on God's green earth. Fluff, but fun.


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