John Dunning's Bookman series is a welcome sub-genre in the burgeoning super-genre of crime fiction. Its star Cliff Janeway is an ex-cop-turned-rare-book-dealer whose hunt for valuable books and interest in ideas and history can land him in harm's way. The latest, The Bookman's Promise, narrated by audio veteran George Guidall, begins when Cliff, flush with a bit of hard-earned cash, buys a pricey pristine edition of a classic by Sir Richard Burton, the legendary 19th-century adventurer. Because of that purchase, a friend of Cliff's dies, an old woman finds peace, a good man loses everything, and Cliff rediscovers himself "across the timeless, infinite world of books" and falls in love. And it's all wrapped up in a suspenseful, entertaining whodunit that manages to shed light on a little-known piece of history. Please note: audios may be available in formats other than the ones reviewed here.

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