Jennifer Crusie knows women (and men) and knows how to tell a sassy, sexy, fun and funny tale. Fast Women is a hoot—a feel-good story about women who finally say "enough" and do their damnedest to make a life that's worth living, to find love that's real and really great. There's a touch of The First Wives Club here, but these three attractive adults don't want revenge, they want to work, to be appreciated and, with luck, to hook up with a good guy who has some zing. Nell, whose husband of 22 years has left her for a size two sweetie, is the leader of the pack. She gets a job at a detective agency, falls for the boss (loaded with Dashiell Hammett-esque dash) and falls into the job she was meant for. Her girlfriends take a little longer to get with the program, but that's all part of the fun. Sandra Burr reads and, as always, is in top form.

Sukey Howard reports each month on spoken word audio.


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