An Amish artist and an arson investigator unraveling a series of mysterious barn fires form a special bond in Fall from Pride by Karen Harper. The small Amish community of Home Valley is struggling and Sarah Kauffman’s church elders give her permission to paint quilt squares on picturesque barns to draw tourists. But then one after another of the barns is burned—is it just chance or is someone targeting Sarah’s work? When arson investigator Nate MacKenzie seeks the answer, he’s stymied not only by the crimes but also by his lack of understanding of the Amish people. Turning to Sarah for help, he finds himself falling for her—and she for him, though their romance is completely forbidden. With danger plaguing the community, the two work together to put an end to the present trouble, while it appears there’s only heartache in their future. A story of wrenching personal choices is set in a locale both bucolic and exotic. Though only kisses are exchanged, Nate and Sarah’s romance feels real.

Liz Carlyle pens an entrancing Victorian-era story filled with passion and danger in The Bride Wore Scarlet. The St. James Society is a secret circle whose members have pledged to guard those with extraordinary mental powers from misuse by others. It’s a global organization comprised only of men until Anaïs de Rohan arrives at the group’s London headquarters, trained for fighting, educated in their ways and asking to be initiated into their ranks. While Lord Geoffrey Bessett immediately refuses her membership, he is willing to partner with her on a mission—during which she’ll pose as his wife. Sparks fly between the fiery young lady and the controlled lord, but they must learn to deal with the heat to save a prescient child from falling into the wrong hands. Soon the pair are mixing business and pleasure, although Anaïs believes she’s destined to wed a Tuscan man. While Geoff makes her second-guess the prophecy foretold by her great-grandmother, there is evil at work that may mean the end—not only of their burgeoning love, but of their lives. Carlyle delivers a fast-paced pleasure.

Thrilling adventure awaits readers of Cindy Gerard’s With No Remorse. Luke Colter, an operative of Black Ops, Inc., is riding a train through Peru when bandits attack. He manages to save himself and the teenage boy sitting across from him—who is no teen at all, but supermodel Valentina. Val is traveling incognito to escape attention after her scandalous break with her ex-husband, a senator. Now she finds herself running for her life with an ex-SEAL she doesn’t know, and her confusion only ratchets higher when this stranger tells her he believes the bad guys are targeting her. Val’s survival depends on trusting Luke, and trust is hard for her to give these days, even when she finds the man at her side so capable and so downright sexy. With the help of Luke’s team, they piece together the ugly truth. Righting old wrongs might mean losing her life . . . or Luke losing his. Breathtaking suspense and pulse-pounding passion make this a wow of a read.

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