Can there be a greater test of the human heart than to risk losing the one you love in order to save her? That poignant question is faced by Liam Campbell in Kristin Hannah's compelling new contemporary novel Angel Falls.

His wife Mikaela is in a coma, clinging to life after being kicked by one of her horses. When Liam discovers that Mikaela has kept her first marriage a secret, he makes a fateful choice and gambles on rousing her from the coma by seeking out her first husband, Julian. Meanwhile Mikaela awakens and is swept up in her past as amnesia wipes away the memory of her marriage to Liam and the existence of their children. Hannah weaves an intimate and powerful tapestry from the threads of their lives, revealing that beneath the colorful and alluring surface, the hidden strands of emotion are the resolute fibers hold a family together.


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