The number 13 is usually considered unlucky, but when that baker's dozen is made up of well-known women mystery/suspense writers who came together to fashion a serial novel, we're definitely in luck. Naked Came the Phoenix, a classy, collaborative crime caper, is the result fun and flawlessly read by Susan Ericksen. As each author (and you'll recognize many of your favorites, including Nevada Barr, Lisa Scottoline, J.A. Jance, Faye Kellerman and Ann Perry) pens her portion, she can plant a new clue, introduce a new character, target a fresh victim, incriminate another suspect, tweak and twist the plot and then pass it on until the very last chapter, when the truth must out. This diabolical sisterhood obviously had a ball creating this project, and you'll have a ball listening to it. Sukey Howard reports on spoken word audio each month.


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