Molto Mario, award-winning chef, TV star, restaurateur and best-selling author a conglomerate unto himself now conquers a new venue. Well, it's still cooking, but it's cooking in new territory. Just in time for Father's Day, Mario has hit the high-octane NASCAR scene with the very first officially licensed NASCAR cookbook, Mario Tailgates NASCAR Style, guaranteed to keep your pre- and post-race prandial pleasures on the lead lap. NASCAR fans are fanatics in the best sense of the word. They think nothing of driving hours to the speedway, arriving well before the green flag waves, staying long after the checkered flag comes down and tailgating to beat the band. And Mario wants to be your culinary spotter, offering his expertise on special techniques and equipment and a winning roster of sturdy recipes that can stand up to the thrill and thunder of a NASCAR race. Start race day with an eye-opening Breakfast Tortilla Casserole, then check out Mario's array of appetizers, devised to keep your hungry crew from devouring the main event before it's off the grill. Now, start up that fire and treat the folks to Pocono Hangar Steak Fajitas, St. Louis-Style Pork Tenderloins, 5-Spice Chicken or Shrimp al Ajillo. Add in Mario's ideas for drinks (yes, there is life beyond beer), sides and desserts and you'll be on the inside track for good.

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