Marcella Hazan was one of the very first to bring authentic Italian cooking to the attention of American home cooks. Her cooking classes are legendary and her cookbooks classics. She has never cooked to dazzle or to show off her creativity as she says, "I am never bored with a good old dish. . . . I don't cook Ôconcepts.' I use my head, but I cook from the heart, I cook for flavor." Coaxing that deeply satisfying flavor out is fundamental to "simple, true Italian cooking," fundamental to Marcella's classes and now fundamental to her new book, Marcella Says . . . : Italian Cooking Wisdom from the Legendary Teacher's Master Classes, with 120 of Her Irresistible Recipes. An extensive "master class" begins the book, covering the procedures and techniques essential to a "well-grounded understanding of the Italian way of cooking." You're invited to drop in as you wish, or read it from start to finish, taking what you need from Marcella's warm, conversational instructions. Then come the recipes each introduced in Marcella's inimitable, informative style that take you through all the delectable parts of an Italian meal, from antipasti to gelati. A master class taught by a classy master.

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