Just because Nina Chickalini wants to get out of her rut and into a different life doesn't mean she'll jump at the first ordinary Joe who comes along. In Wendy Markham's exhilarating romantic comedy, The Nine Month Plan, Nina gets a strange request from her lifelong best friend, Joe Materi he wants her to have his baby. Joe's ready for fatherhood, but Nina can't wait to escape her Queens neighborhood and the maternal role that was thrust on her when she was barely out of her teens. And neither one of them has been able to forget their one night together right after Nina had to tell Joe that his bride had bailed out on him. Finally, after 15 years, both have a chance to go after the dream each one wants most. Markham sends Cupid's arrow straight to the bull's eye with this sparkling tale. Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in northern Minnesota.

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