Don't know how I missed Robert Parker's first Jesse Stone mystery novel. Though I've always had a smoldering thing for Spenser (fictional hunks are safe!), I should have tuned into the new guy on the Parker block--he's cool, courageous, svelte, and savvy, with a sufficient number of flaws to make him appealing. Add to that his leading role as police chief in a niftily plotted, high stakes crime caper that causes Trouble in Paradise (6 hours), and you've got a winner. Jesse, a former L.A. cop, has moved to the small, sedate seaside town of Paradise, Mass., but a very bad guy with big-time ideas for making big money is about to turn Paradise into hell. Jesse's love life, tottering between paradise and hell, doesn't make matters any better. In Richard Masur's able reading the guys, good and bad, and the gals of both varieties sound just right.


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