You've heard this scenario: seeing his mortality in the morning mirror, husband of 25 years wants that flush of youth back (oh yes, and the flesh of youth, too) so he takes up with a younger woman, leaving a discarded wife to a diminished life. But every so often, the plan backfires, and it's the old wife who finds the good life. That's the bare bones of Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman, Elizabeth Buchan's savvy, satisfying new novel, read faultlessly by British actress Jean Gilpin. Rose has managed, not without a great deal of effort, to be a devoted wife and mother and have a successful career an I Don't Know How She Does It heroine for an older generation. Then, in a flash, the world she cherishes is gone both husband and job. Revenge is a "dish best eaten cold," and watching Rose get through the cooling off period is a great entertainment.

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