Behind the fabulous Food Network shows that have educated and entertained us for over 10 years is a fabulous behind-the-scenes dream team that sees to every aspect of these super-popular culinary productions; they've put on more than 11,000 shows and prepared more than 30,000 recipes. In response to the many requests from their ever-busy website, the Food Network Kitchens team has turned its collective talents to cooking outdoors and the result is Get Grilling, with 166 recipes to get you in that grilling groove. These fine folks have grilled everything from easy burgers to tailgate extravaganzas and stoked their fires on beaches, Air Force bases, backyards and beyond. So when they say they want to be your own personal cookout cheerleading squad, you know you'll be in good hands and you know you'll find all the recipes you need for the main events, the satisfying sides, the opening noshes and the sweet endings. It's the add-ons that make the difference here: almost every recipe has a Cook's Note, extra tips for smarter cooking, Shopsmart, the inside info that turns you into a savvy shopper, Style, bright, new serving suggestions or Know-How, the simple techniques that make everything turn out just a little bit better.

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