Who hasn't wondered about the private lives of flight attendants? I've wondered how they sleep and where they go after the flight, and if it's glamorous or just tiring. Their day-to-day reality is the world of Hailey Lane, the protagonist of Alyson No‘l's Fly Me to the Moon. If you're thinking it's some glitz and glamour tell-all, scrub that. It's more like a Grey's Anatomy of the skies, with friends and power plays and a woman who needs to find herself before she can ever really find love. When Hailey finds her pilot boyfriend in a compromising position that leaves no room for negotiating a reunion, she's jolted into taking a look at her life and what matters. Like most of us in the throes of self-discovery, she drinks too much, indulges some whining and misses the boat with the right guy and hooks up with the wrong ones, but she also drags out a manuscript for a novel she started writing before the boyfriend took over her life. It's easy to cheer for Hailey, who is smart and warm if a little confused, and who learns as we do that the pleasure is not in the destination, but in the journey itself.

Barbara Samuel is the author of Lady Luck's Map of Vegas.

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