The best-selling author of Naked and Me Talk Pretty One Day returns in full force with a classic collection of nonfiction pieces. Bearing the unmistakable stamp of David Sedaris' offbeat humor, brimming with priceless insights, these carefully crafted slices of autobiography serve as open invitations into the author's life. There are laugh-out-loud accounts of Sedaris' middle-class upbringing, including family vacations, quarrels with his parents and comic incidents with his siblings. But Sedaris also presents sensitive renderings of a painful adolescence, as he comes of age knowing he is gay. Negotiating the rough terrain of romantic relationships, he offers honest, open narratives about monogamy and love. In "Possession," he reports on his current life in Europe, as he and his boyfriend Hugh search for the perfect apartment. "A Can of Worms" is a perceptive and unsparing look at a personality conflict that arises between the two lovers. As usual, Sedaris balances humor with wisdom, and the result is a narrative voice that's uniquely endearing. Each of these 27 hilarious tales of family, childhood, love and travel is sure to resonate with readers. Fans won't want to miss the continuing adventures of this extremely popular writer.


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