Have truck, will haul. A mind-numbing business venture, perhaps, but leagues better than working as a line cook at Cap'n Crab or selling home security systems door-to-door. Still, the two proprietors can't give up their day jobs until the fledgling trucking company, financed with a small and unexpected bequest from a distant deceased aunt, begins to show a profit. James Lessor and Eugene Skip Moore have been buddies since grade school; they went through school and college together, and now they share a dismal Florida apartment suitable for a pair of charming slackers of limited means. Still, if you can believe James, that's all about to change: Within two years, according to his calculations, the pair should make a cool million bucks (hey, if Matt Damon and Ben Affleck can do it . . .). Little do they know that in a matter of days they will be hauling dismembered body parts around Miami, running afoul of both the bad guys (really bad guys) and the law, getting shot at, kidnapped and worse (not to mention involved in what might well escalate into the overthrow of the Cuban government). Stuff to Die For is the latest from Don Bruns, author of the popular and critically acclaimed (by me, among others) South Beach Shakedown. A worthy successor to that fine book, Stuff to Die For is a sure bet to appeal to fans of Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey or James O. Born.

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