One of the few certain things in this uncertain world is that a new novel by P.D. James will satisfy any cravings you may have for a classic, elegantly executed murder mystery. The Lighthouse, the latest in James' Adam Dalgliesh series, stars the commanding Commander, but gives his protege, Detective Inspector Kate Miskin, and handsome, Oxford-educated Sgt. Benton-Smith more play than usual. A famous writer has been found hanging from the lighthouse on Combe Island, a privately owned, totally secure refuge where the important and powerful come to shed their stress. When suicide is ruled out, everyone on the island becomes a suspect, their every secret a possible motive. Clever, baffling I think you'll have a hard time fingering the killer and will welcome Dalgliesh's ah-ha moment, when all the pieces of the puzzle whirling wildly about his head fall into place. Charles Keating's intelligent, perfectly nuanced performance echoes Ms. James' matchless mastery of her craft.


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