She's got it all . . . and she just may not survive it. I Don't Know How She Does It is the title of Allison Pearson's wickedly witty, hip, right-on novel, and it's also the constant refrain of those who know the inimitable Kate Reddy. Two words Working Mother explain it all. Kate is an attractive, smart, super-savvy, super-stressed, mega-multitasking, one-line-slinging WM who makes incessant "must remember" lists. She's a successful hedge fund manager who handles multiple multi-million-dollar transactions and a boardroom full of chauvinistic males with aplomb, and the mother of two small children who can't quite be handled the same way. Kate loves her job, loves her children, loves her husband and there's the rub, the dilemma for 21st century working women. You'll root for Kate all the way, as she navigates the minefields of career and family. Does she find the secret formula to make both work? Tune in. Or as Kate might say, Must remember: listen to Emma Fielding's topnotch reading of topnotch debut novel, sell off Japanese holdings, pick up cleaning, order birthday cake.

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