Without explanation, Ethan Decker deserts his wife, Sydney, just as they are mourning the loss of their son. But Ethan is soon forced back to Sydney's doorstep and all the unfinished business between them in Patricia Lewin's riveting romantic thriller, Blind Run. A former covert agent, Ethan is hiding out in the desert when a figure from the past appears on his doorstep to drop off two young children. Ethan returns to Sydney with the two mysterious kids. It turns out Ethan and Sydney aren't the only ones interested in Danny and Callie, as they learn from the gunfire that turns their reunion into a bloodbath. Desperately they escape from Sydney's Dallas home, determined to find out who is pursuing them and why they're so bent on capturing the brother and sister. In Blind Run, Lewin deftly demonstrates that the controversial subject of genetic engineering has ramifications transcending science. Her exhilarating debut thriller races with a compelling urgency readers won't be able to put it down.

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