Giving up her daughter at birth doesn't close her heart to what she surrendered. From half a world away, Jessie Ryder returns to Texas and the tangled bonds she shares with her sister Luz and Lila, daughter to them both, in Susan Wiggs' compelling novel, Home Before Dark. Jessie and Luz have shared much, even their passion for photography. A lifetime of secrets is put to the test between the sisters when Jessie returns and confronts the man who fathered Lila. But past secrets take second place for Jessie as she faces impending blindness, and life becomes even more complicated when Lila and her teen-aged friends' thrill-seeking night ride turns into a twisted wreckage. Jessie's already volatile emotions are further tested by Dusty Matlock. He's the single dad of a toddler with his own unique story of love and sacrifice, a story the media is eager to exploit. Susan Wiggs tackles contemporary issues in the crucible of family with gutsy poignancy and adroit touches of whimsy that make for an irresistible read.

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