When an arsonist torched Sirico's, the Hale family's Italian restaurant in Baltimore, Reena Hale's childhood changed forever. As witness to the flames, Reena's quest to become an arson investigator was the core of her identity. While her career goal is direct, her personal life is extremely tangled in Nora Roberts' Blue Smoke. The first man in Reena's life is her dad, Gib, and every man must measure up to him. John Minger, the inspector who becomes her mentor, saw the cop in the child her logic and observation. Reena's not so lucky with other men. Her first love, Josh, dies in a fire. Another becomes a prime suspect in an arson. Only when she meets the carpenter next door, Bo Goodnight, does Reena begin to realize that someone has stalked her for years, harming people she loves, and it all goes back to that fateful fire at Sirico's. Roberts sets the gold standard in romantic suspense. Blue Smoke is mesmerizing, weaving in multilayered dangers and strong family ties that wrap irresistibly around one's heart. Magnifico!

Sandy Huseby writes from Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in Minnesota.

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