Two stories parallel each other in Sue Miller's While I Was Gone (5 hours) and then collide. Both are about Jo Becker Jo now, a successful veterinarian in a small New England town with an admirable, loving husband and three grown daughters, and Jo then, when she was living in a group house in Cambridge, reveling in the intense camaraderie and the new found freedom of the '60s. If she sometimes wonders what became of the young woman she was, what harm could that do? Not much until one of her old housemates moves into town. He wants to see her, talk of the past and the harrowing event that sent them all away. Jo wants this too, and perhaps they both want more. Moving seemlessly back and forth in time, Miller looks closely at marriage and fidelity and the devastating power of secrets, kept and revealed. Blair Brown's fine narration catches every emotional nuance.

Sukey Howard reports on spoken word audio each month.

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