Annabelle Granger, now 32, opened the Boston Herald one morning and saw her name. Hers, she read, was one of six mummified bodies found in a grisly underground chamber on the grounds of a former Boston mental hospital. A silver locket identified one of the young, abducted girls as Annabelle. Weird, more than weird, a horrific coincidence? Annabelle (if that's really her name) had been on the run for 25 years and had never known why. When she was seven her father began their endless moves and identity changes, insisting on careful anonymity and even more careful security. Now, with her father dead, she lives a solitary, guarded life in a fifth-floor Boston walkup, her dog her only friend. That's what you get for openers in Lisa Gardner's latest thriller-diller, Hide, ably read by Maggi-Meg Reed who keeps the emotional pitch high and the pace fast. Two top-notch Boston cops, who share an intertwined past, on are the scene, working as hard as they can to break a case that's as cold as they come. Then Annabelle walks into their offices and the case heats up as this spine- tingler barrels on to its inevitable climax.

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