Desperate for any remedy for her toddler's autism, Peggy Donaghue makes a fateful decision, moving from the security of her family in Cleveland to Ireland. In Emilie Richards's radiant new novel, The Parting Glass, Peggy's choice opens up more than her son's personality. The move is spurred by Irene, an aging Irish relative whose invitation for Peggy to share her last days promises meetings, revelations and fresh starts. Family secrets held dear for generations begin to play out as Peggy's move triggers challenges and new relationships. Her arrival in the wee Irish village forces Finn O'Malley to confront his own demons, including his guilt over the accidental death of his wife and sons and his inability to rekindle his close relationship with his daughter, Bridie. Challenges abound for the family Peggy left behind in Cleveland, as well. A tornado during Megan and Niccolo's wedding celebration destroys the family saloon. The obsessions of rebuilding the saloon, as well as Niccolo's Brick, an organization meant to help wayward boys, almost destroys the couple's fragile new marriage. As sisters, with their lives forever interwoven, Peggy and Megan now discover the long-hidden secrets of their family's Irish heritage. Emilie Richards presents us with a powerfully told story that will linger in the heart long after the final page.

Sandy Huseby writes from Fargo, North Dakota and northern Minnesota.

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