Shamus Award-winning author John Connolly is back with The White Road, number four in the series featuring Maine private investigator Charlie Parker. Originally introduced in the groundbreaking mystery Every Dead Thing, ex-New York City cop Parker is beginning to rebuild his life after the brutal slayings of his wife and young daughter. Blinded by his hunger for revenge, he "crossed over the line" and killed his family's murderer. Since then, he has been living in semi-seclusion in Scarborough, Maine, working the occasional investigation and trying to come to terms with his demons.

When an old attorney friend calls, Charlie is reluctantly drawn into the investigation of a South Carolina murder, a homicide with the worst kind of racial overtones: arrogant young black man accused of killing beautiful young white girl, daughter of the wealthiest man in Charleston. As is so often the case in the South, the seeds of trouble reach back in time through the generations, in this case to the early days of the Ku Klux Klan. Elements of the supernatural are at play, or they seem to be, not unlike the eerie visitations in Sharyn McCrumb's She Walks These Hills. Connolly, based in Dublin, Ireland, displays a superb sense of place, both in rural Maine and in the hallowed halls of Charleston. One tiny giveaway to the author's roots, though: One of the bad guys drives a Nissan Terrano, a four-wheel-drive vehicle available in Ireland, but sadly, not in the U.S.

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