In Deadly Lies by Cynthia Eden, 24-year-old heroine Samantha Kennedy is a genius FBI agent and member of an elite unit formed to apprehend serial murderers. While appearing in control on the outside, Samantha still suffers the after-effects of her last case—during which she was abducted by a killer and nearly died. To find some hours of relief from that harrowing experience, she picks up wealthy and sexy Max Ridgeway. But Max won’t settle for the one night stand Samantha intended. That’s not in the cards anyway, as Samantha and Max are quickly thrown into the middle of a series of lethal kidnappings. When it appears Max’s stepbrother is part of the pattern, Samantha poses as Max’s love interest and hides her status as a special agent in order to have access to the family without tipping off the criminals. As the grisly case progresses, Max and Samantha must learn to trust each other to stop further murders. Their sexual chemistry is fiery, their conflict strong and the plot turns twisted. Readers will race through the final pages to see if the characters—and love—can survive.

Myth and mystery
Legend and love come together in Lori Handeland’s Moon Cursed. Kristin Daniels, host of a hoax-busting TV program, travels to Scotland to debunk the myth of Nessie, the monster of Loch Ness. But most everyone she meets professes to be a believer, and her investigation is complicated by the friendly but evasive townspeople—and one beautiful man in particular, Liam Grant. He’s mysterious and sexy and Kris can’t resist him. While he claims to be a protector of the loch, what exactly does that mean? Her life only gets stranger when she’s almost killed and other young women turn up murdered. Is what she’s always assumed to be a fable actually the truth? Will she survive to solve the puzzle? Danger and desire fill the pages of this entertaining paranormal romance, and it’s a pleasure to see cynical Kris learn to believe in what can’t be proven. This is a delightful and imaginative story set in a place rife with beauty and magic.

Romance of the month
Happiness seems achingly distant for two deserving characters in Veronica Wolff’s Scottish historical, Devil’s Own. After being abducted and sold into slavery at age 10, Aidan MacAlpin escaped from servitude and is back home with his family, his heart and mind filled with a single goal: to find and kill his abductor—a mysterious man with a black pearl earring. While he has some papers that might lead him to the villain, his years of forced labor left him uneducated. He turns to his bookish neighbor, Elspeth Farquharson, for reading lessons, and in turn he helps on her impoverished family farm. As they work together, these lonely people find what they need in each other. Aidan is gentled by Elspeth’s fortitude and grace, and he is the hero of spinster Elspeth’s imagination come to life. Yet a union between them looks impossible; Aidan must find vengeance before he can feel worthy of love. Will he complete his quest before he loses Elspeth to another . . . or before he loses his life to the criminal he’s after? This is a sigh-worthy story of lovers who dare to hope that dreams can come true.


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