If the ultra-rich Park Avenue dames in The Right Address seemed a tad self-centered, the Park Avenue 20-somethings in Plum Sykes' Bergdorf Blondes, read by Sonya Walger, will make them look like beneficent benefactors of the downtrodden. Terminally selfish, world-class shopoholics, these girls think self-esteem comes from an alpha-beta face peel and happiness from Chloe jeans; they're so shallow that you want to shake the Manolos right off their magnificently manicured tootsies and tell them to get real whatever that means to airhead heiresses. But Sykes, a Vogue editor who knows this glam turf well, swirls her satire with sly humor to give this chick-lit romp a bit of an edge.

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