The high-stakes world of horse racing is the backdrop for danger to heart and body in Stephanie Laurens' latest Cynster series novel, What Price Love. Lady Priscilla Dalloway follows her twin brother, Rus, because she believes his new job with Lord Comarty's stables may have placed him in mortal danger. Once in England, the fiery Irishwoman butts heads with Dillon Caxton. Caxton is newly entrusted by the Jockey Club to investigate rumors that the races have been fixed, and he suspects that Pris may be involved. Each recognizes in the other that a beautiful faade covers a quick intellect and strong will. Despite their instant attraction, it will take those hidden qualities to save Rus and themselves while exposing the unsavory betting schemes. Laurens writes a story that moves like a thoroughbred out of the gate. Totally captivating, with rising emotional tension this is a guaranteed winner.

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