Kinky Friedman's latest adventure featuring NYC private eye Kinky Friedman (no relation) is The Prisoner of Vandam Street, which finds the cheeky sleuth bedridden in his Greenwich Village loft, suffering from plasmodium falciparum, the deadliest form of malaria. Confined to quarters for six weeks, Kinky plays unwilling host to a horde of would-be caregivers, a merry group of pranksters known as the Village Irregulars. In a brief moment of respite, when all his well-meaning friends have vanished, Kinky sits at the window and ogles an attractive young woman in the apartment across the street. His ardor turns to horror as a man abruptly enters the picture and launches a brutal attack on the young woman. Kinky immediately calls the police, but upon investigation, they discover no sign of the victim, nor, for that matter, of an apartment across the street. Hmm. There is nary a witness in sight, and the suspicion mounts that Kinky was in the grip of a fever dream. Shades of Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, albeit with a bizarro factor never dreamed of by the master of suspense. Kinky Friedman (the author) is, without a doubt, the most audacious, iconoclastic and politically incorrect of modern detective writers, a laugh riot to brighten up a rainy March afternoon.

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