Readers who share debut author Tilly Bagshawe's hunger for the gargantuan, glamour reads of the '80s will find a decadent and delicious feast in Adored. Beautiful Siena McMahon, granddaughter of legendary actor Duke McMahon, was born ready to take on the world. She needs that strength of spirit to withstand the challenges of building a stellar acting career to match her grandfather's larger-than-life legacy. Duke and his wife, Minnie, sustain the shards of their marriage even when he moves his mistress, Caroline, into the family home. Banished to English boarding school by her jealous father after her doting grandfather's death, Siena eventually rebels against her father's plans for her and plunges headstrong into making her own future. As she climbs to the heights in the glam worlds of high-fashion modeling and acting, Siena is reunited with childhood nemesis Max De Seville, a struggling director, and sparks fly. Adored is gloriously grand, spicy and addictive. You'll be seeing a lot of this book on the beach this summer.

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